Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blue Star Live Model

If you want to be a blue star live model, that would be your first read the following tips:
blue star live model
Young women are generally very fond of and eager to plunge into the world of modeling and fashion. Life of glamor and fame seems to be the main thing to drag the young women and girls to adults interested in the world of modeling and fashion. Not to mention the world of modeling is one way to become a famous artist seoranga. Many famous artists before becoming a model of a career first. But to become a professional model takes appropriate measures and efficiently in order to become a famous model dreams can come true.
Here are the steps that we plan to initiate into a professional model, because the planned steps and concrete action impossible dream of being a model of good can be accomplished. These steps are:

1. Realizing that being a model of the demanding requirements of heavy

In physical terms, to become a fashion model in general you have to have a physical advantage. Whether hair is beautiful, ideal body size, ideal body weight, soft skin, acne-free skin, or other physical characteristics. Surely you can not play as a model, you must be ready to perform extra hard workout, fitness seriously and regularly, perform a variety of body treatments, up to a strict diet.

Prepare yourself in advance. If indeed you are ready to undergo all of these requirements. Follow the next steps.

2. Determine the model of a professional field you want to live

There are several areas of modeling that you must select and specify in advance:

Plus Size models, ie models with plus size body, to carry out a role that does have a plus size body
Catwalk models, one model is required to have a slim body ideal. Height less than 170 cm, and you are required to do a strict diet, so that your body size or stretch and conform to the size of the designer clothes
Underwear models, sexy? yes of course. An underwear model is required to have a relatively large breast size, small hips, and a slim body
Advertising model, advertising model is generally someone who is camera face, with ideal body size and attractive appearance

3. Did take a few pictures in studio (phortofolio)

Today many photo studios that are around us. Try to make an appointment with them, and ask them to photograph you with a variety of poses. Surely you must be clever to choose the style, and see how your shot. Try to look expressive and attractive in the photograph. Pictures are taken in kind became the start when we ask or send us phortofolio agents to model or models magazines.

4. Agent Model

Send your pictures along with a brief story about yourself, and your wishes in the world strutting models to modeling agencies or magazines models. Observe also choose a reliable modeling agency. Wait until you are called and asked to attend an interview.

5. Prepare Your Acting

Do not come without a good preparation during the interview. Before doing exercises at home in front of the mirror, while the expression of how you should be happy, laugh, cry or get angry. What? yes, of course. A model should be diving a lot and appreciate the role of the role, just like an artist. Thus, a photograph will look like a real, beautiful and natural (natural).

6. Professional

If it does not model agency calls you, do not be disappointed and angry. Perhaps there are still some things that you should learn first.

But if it turns out you were called and accepted as a model. Make sure that you set the schedule and your work schedule to undergo discipline. Be smart to organize and manage your time.

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