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Best Way to Treat Acne when pregnant

Best Way to Treat Acne when pregnant is Beauty Tips Tricks I'm going to share with readers. You can you select a variety of options to treat acne during pregnancy, including self-care and treatment. Acne during pregnancy is not a special form of acne. Many women only seem to have problems with acne during pregnancy. Although it is not always clear what causes acne to get worse during pregnancy, the possibility of all it is more common in most women due to excess oil production (sebum) that occurs when certain hormones into your skin.

The Best Way to Treat Acne at Pregnant
class="tr-caption" Treat acne during pregnancy should not be random.

Treating Acne when pregnant start taking care of yourself

  • Wash your face twice a day.
  • If you have oily hair, shampoo and clean 2 days. Be careful and always keep the hair so as not to hit your face.
  • Avoid choosing, scratching, popping or squeezing acne sores. This habit can spread the infection and potentially lead to scarring. If you use cosmetics, use products that are free from oil. Look for descriptions such as water-based, noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic. Avoid placing your face resting on hand. It can trap the skin oils and sweat, which can irritate acne.

treat acne while pregnant

Drugs is the second way in treating acne during pregnancy. Each drug is applied to the skin or ingested can enter your bloodstream, so it's important to be careful during pregnancy. Erythromycin (Erygel) is often the drug of choice for acne during pregnancy. Azelaic acid (Azelex, Finacea) may be another option. Both drugs are usually applied to the skin as a lotion or gel and is available with a prescription.

Opinions about using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne pregnancy jumbled. There is little research on the safety of over-the-counter or prescription strength benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy, although this issue has not been reported. In addition, any drug that could potentially cause birth defects including isotretinoin and other retinoids, and minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline and other generally avoided during pregnancy.

If you are worried about acne during pregnancy, consult with your dermatologist or health care providers who deal with your pregnancy. Together, you can consider the benefits and risks of various treatment options acne.

umpteen Best Way to Treat Acne when pregnant

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