Thursday, August 29, 2013

Whitening Beauty Tips and Skin Care

whitening beauty tips and skin care at this point is easy to get from the media, does not have to expensive treatments in the salon and spa namum course you can do it yourself at home with a natural and healthy way of course, because all of its ingredients using natural ingredients and do not contain chemicals that can harm the skin.

Beauty Tips and Skin Care Whitening Face

What woman does not want to have a beautiful face, white, smooth, soft, bright, and radiant, because the face is the main factor characteristic of a person . If we have a perfect face and clear skin, surely someone else would love to berdekan with us. But otherwise if our skin is not well maintained and not glow we feel cangung or embarrassed when meeting with others. But you do not need to worry, because on this occasion we will discuss about beauty tips and skin care whitening facial, below:

following beauty tips face whitening and skin care you can try:

Potatoes - Potato dishes not only material, but potatoes can also be used for the treatment of facial skin because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Potatoes can cure diseases of the skin and can also whiten skin naturally. The trick, peel and wash raw potatoes, then puree until smooth using a blender or grated, apply evenly to the face and wait until dry, then rinse and wash your face using warm water.

Green Tea - Who knows that green tea can be used to treat and smooth the skin, as in tea contains vitamins and antioxidants that can make facial skin look fresh and bright look. The trick, mix the juice of green tea with a few drops of lemon juice, then use also oatmeal / cereal as much as 3 tablespoons of the entries to the green tea and lemon water that had been mixed. Apply evenly on the face while massaging the face gently in order to smooth blood circulation, then let sit for about fifteen minutes, then wash and rinse your face thoroughly.

Hopefully some beauty tips whiten skin and care for at the top can be useful, and if done regularly then you will get the maximum results.

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