Monday, August 12, 2013

Cool Rating Stars In Your Blog Posts

Cool Rating Stars Under Blog Post is Tips Tricks Blogspot which I will share with all readers after posting Easy to Make Recent Post Based Label . Anyone know what the star rating? Actually that is Rating Stars in Post here is going to display the twigs to the visitors so that we could assess whether the article to help or even boring for them. So there is an interaction between the blogger and the readers of our blog.

 Cool Rating Stars In Your Blog Posts
class="tr-caption" Sample widget Star Rating Blog

Function Star Rating On the Blog Post

As I explained to my friend Have Trick earlier. Interactions will occur very help the bloggers as well. Why could help? Simple reason hell buddy. If visitors judge with 5 star or 5 star so we know the quality of the articles we write are very helpful to our readers and the language we use to understand them. Moreover we know which articles readers' favorites. Once we know that which we can further develop the article into a new article that each continuous with earlier favorite articles. We pageview indirectly it will go up as well.

How to Install Star Ratings In Blog Posts

Here's a guide or how to make the Rating Stars / Star Rating in posting blog articles.

  1. Typing this URL and go to Blogger but not via
  2. Select the Layout menu. click edit on Blog Post column in the Layout menu.
    Cool Rating Stars In Your Blog Posts
    class="tr-caption" Open ; layout and click on edit

  3. Shown pop up as shown below and follow the instructions.
  4. Cool Rating Stars In Your Blog Posts
    class="tr-caption" Display pop up when click on edit

  5. Tick the box show Star Rating.
  6. Then move to the blogger dashboard for setting in the template. Select the Edit Template Html and do not forget to check the Expand Widget Templates. Press Ctrl + F and search for code or

    Copy the code below and place your name = "copy">

  • Save the template and see the results posted on the blog posts. If successful it appears star rating or star rating below blog post us.
  • Easy
    not how to put it. No need to stay dizzy dizzy ngikutin step 10, the star rating is installed properly on your blog Got a trick.

    A few Installing Alloy Rating Stars In Blog Post

    A few of my post titled Cool Rating Stars Under Post Blog . If anyone wants to ask, please ask via the comments that have been provided below. Thanks buddy Punyatrik, do not forget to help me share this article Punyatrik ya buddy. Also read my next article entitled How to Make Easy Scroll Widget On Blog.

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