Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Easily Make Recent Post By Label

Easy to Make Recent Post Based Label is Tips Tricks Blogspot I will be teaching to all blog readers. Have you ever seen a blog with a widget that contains the label of each category? Surely the answer is often, and perhaps many who use this widget. Blog Got a trick also use this widget.

class="tr-caption" red box is an example of recent post widget based label

Function Recent Post By Label On the Blog

If my friend who has a blog function to ask this widget actually depends really. In my opinion using widgets recent post by label or category This blog looks neater and believe not believe could improve visitor page views on our blog loh. In addition to the size of navigation, people also easy access to many articles by label or category they want.

How to Install Recent Posts By Labels On Blog

Wah interesting huh pal function of this widget. Then how do I install it? Here's how to install the Widget recent post. Really quite easy to follow step by stepnya origin carefully.

  1. Go to menu templates, and edit the HTML and do not forget to check the Expand Widget Templates
  2. Look for code ]]> Copy the code below above ]]>
    The source code

  3. Find the code
  4. Copy the code below above
    name="copy"> The source code

    The script is taken from unduhnetwork.blogspot.com. My friend can take it or download it and upload script on google code so that each response is faster because only be used alone. Do not forget to click the save button then ya buddy.
  5. is to go to the layout, then Add Gadget and select HTML. After that copy the code below.
The source code name="copy">

Remarks on Colour :
  • Red is for setting up a lot of posts displayed on the widget.
  • Orange for setting up a lot of letters for posting information. Blue is the name of the label you want to displayed. Purple please replace the URL of your blog.

A few How to Install Recent Post Based Label

A few of my posts Simply titled Make Recent Post Based Label. If anyone wants to ask, please ask via the comments that have been provided below. Punyatrik Thanks buddy, do not forget to help me share this article Punyatrik ya buddy. Read also my next article entitled ; Cool Rating Stars Under Blog Posts.

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