Friday, June 14, 2013

Blue Star Poem

blue star When night decorated with stars, and the moon shone reluctant
just chill night that surrounds you ..
inarticulate love story when someone beside you ..
accompany, keep you from the silence of the night ..

I'm not in your illuminative
not the sunlight that warms your heart ..
but I only speck of light in the sky that
when I know ..
you have your heart away behind light ..

if you know ..
behold the spark of starlight
do you dim the star
will return in the future bright
sobering light heart ...
back to life and is irreplaceable ..

open your heart ...
look further ..
far into the depths of the deepest reply
the dim starlight
much brighter than your sun ..

as far as any of the blue
he was still able to give you a bright light ..
in reality corrugated
never doubt his faith ..

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