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4 Foods That Lower Your Body Endurance

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. Having a strong immune system, being the most important thing in this life. Various ways will be traveled in order to keep your body in good shape and fit as reducing stress levels, adequate and quality sleep, stop smoking and avoid frequent work-as well as a variety of foods that can lower the body's resistance. So, what foods can lower your immune system is ...???

Companions, health tips. One of the main functions of the body's immune system is to maintain and protect your body from various diseases and infections that invade our bodies vulnerable. Various things can improve your endurance is. But, of course, there are some things that can also lower your immune system is. One was from a variety of foods you consume each day. Health tips this time will address a variety of foods that can lower your immune system is. Health tips, Here are 4 foods that can lower your immune system are:
  1. Sugar is one type of sweet foods that can menurnkan your endurance , if consumed in excess. In this case taking up to 8 tablespoons of sugar per day may reduce the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria that invade your body. Variety of food products that contain lots of sugar such as candy, syrups, cakes and biscuits trending range.
  2. Try to avoid dairy products that have a high fat content as well as choose from a variety of dairy products that are low fat. This is because, a variety of high-fat dairy products can menurnkan your endurance. So will cause your body susceptible to various diseases. The next food that can menurnkan your immune system is margarine. This is because, margarine is one of many types of food mngandung levels of unsaturated fats can lower your immune system you have. List four foods that can lower your immune system that you have is red meat. This is because, red meat is one of the foods that are the main source of saturated fats that contribute to lowered immune system that you have. So eat red meat in moderation is one of the most effective solutions to strengthen the immune system that you have.
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Hopefully health tips discuss various foods that can lower your immune system can be useful for the reader. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: the executive).
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