Thursday, August 15, 2013

Know the Label Code Wallpaper

Know the types of Wallpaper
Tips Around the Home. When buying wallpaper do not just base your choice on the beauty of the motifs and colors, maybe you will find it hard to use and care for not understand the types and how perawatanya.

There is nothing wrong if you also pay attention to the type and label a wallpaper, because usually we will find a code found on the label wallpaper that will tell how to use and care Wallpaper.

To Know Code Label Wallpaper , following explanation of some code labels are commonly encountered wallpaper.

a. Scrubbable
These kinds of wallpapers can be cleaned with a solution of detergent or soap that is not too thick use a soft brush. Wallpapers of this type can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

B. Washable
wallpapers of this type can be cleaned using a solution of detergent or soap that is not too thick that is applied with a soft cloth.

C. Stain Resistance
motifs and color wallpapers of this type is quite resistant grease stains or spills coffee and tea, after cleaning stains and grease will not trace the wallpaper.

d. Abrasion Resistance
Wallpeper can withstand the bumps and scratches that are not too hard, either used on space frequented by a lot of people or goods.

E . Colorfastnes
wallppeper color not easily fade when exposed to sunlight for a long time. Today many wallpapers already have these advantages.

F. Peelable
Wallpeper this type can be peeled easily enough, some of these types of wallpapers require special fluid that can be opened with either, usually once opened will leave a mark in the form of elongated lines that can be used becomes the standard installation of a new wallpaper.

g. Strippable
This is the kind of wallpaper that can be directly removed without leaving marks on the wall.

H. Prepasted
Wallpaper with this code has direct means having an adhesive layer, you just wet the adhesive containing sebeum menempelkanya on the wall.

However Know the Code Label Wallpaper and code labels contained wallpaper, it would be better if you first try to clean wallpaper contained in a somewhat hidden area, so if something goes wrong you will not make the whole plane forced to change the wallpaper.

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