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5 Type your Kidney Organ Disease

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. Having a healthy body is the dream of all people. For this reason, the need for concrete steps we have to do to the degree that we can have health care. One of them maintain health of all the organs of the body that we have. Kidney is one organ that is vital that is owned by the our bodies. However, a variety of diseases that can interfere with kidney function. Then, any disease that can attack the kidneys ...???

companions, health tips. Most of us certainly know the importance of the kidney function. But the fact is we as always neglect to maintain the health of the kidneys. Once renal disease has been attacked, as though we appreciate keeping one organ in the body kersebut. Actually many diseases can disrupt kidney function. Health tips this time will address an article about the various types of diseases that can affect your kidneys. Health tips, this is the 5 types of diseases that can affect the kidneys:
  1. the kidney stones. Perhaps the kidney stones are very familiar to our ears. Kidney stones are caused due to accumulation of mineral and organic objects on the kidneys. Kidney stones are small can get out of the body by itself. But kidney stones are larger in size could be solved by surgery. Some things can aggravate kidney stones are like the reduced volume of fluid and mineral buildup. So as to upset the balance between the liquid and the solution is in the kidney.
  2. Both the kidney failure. You may also be familiar with the disorder in the kidneys. Renal failure will result in partial loss of organ function and even entire kidney on the renal kita.Gagal body occurs due to damage to the tubules in the kidneys because of drugs or organic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, acetone and ethylene glycol, and bersingungan with metals such as mercury compounds , tin and uranium. Renal failure is also due penyaket diaabetes which can damage the kidney medulla or inner as well as excess calcium salts that are in the kidneys. Pyelonephrits Third is an infection and inflammation of the tissue in the kidneys and renal pelvis (ie the space formed from the expansion of the upper end of the ureter tubules which channel urine into the bladder). Pyelonephritis is usually caused by bacteria and is one of the abnormalities in the kidneys are the most common and also one kelainana chronic kidney that can be acute as well. Fourth ie Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disease that often happens anyway. The disease causes the body's immune system because we have paralyzed. The symptoms of kidney disease in the presence of blood in our urine, swelling of body tissues and the presence of protein in the urine which is caused due to streptococcal bacteria. In many cases, the disease can be cured by itself even without treatment.
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