Saturday, August 17, 2013

Powerful Tips to Stay Healthy Keeping Ear

Ear became one of the senses that has an important role in human life. Without the presence of these senses, it will automatically result in a person being silent. Because there was no sound they captured or heard. As we have seen, ear has a different composition which has a different function. Like ears that have the function direct to the ear hole will be forwarded to the inside of the ear that will be sent to the brain. So that the brain can translate a variety of sounds. For this reason, it is important to keep the ear tips to stay healthy. So, what are the tips to keep your ears healthy ...???

Friend, health tips. It's not fair, we ignore the health of the ear senses. In fact, the ear senses become an integral part of daily life. However, without you knowing, habits and daily activity reduced ability to capture it makes a variety of sounds coming into the sense of hearing. Here are tips on maintaining healthy ears:
  1. Try to avoid the various sounds that have noise levels that are too high. Voices that exceeded the high like a chainsaw sound, the music is too loud and others.
  2. Try to change the habits that can reduce your hearing ability. Like love listening to music with headset or increase the volume to the maximum level music. Try not to linger in a place that has high noise levels are exceeded. In this case, immediately move from the places you is deafening. If you must be in a place that has a high level of noise, so it's good to use earplugs which can reduce the severity of the incoming sound to the ear hole. There are unique fact that there is a relationship between smoking and reduced hearing person. In this case, if a person has the habit of smoking, the senses of hearing will decline as well from time to time. From now on, do not clean the inside of the ear with cotton. This is because, it will instead push the wax layer is in the ear hole deeper and clog your ear holes. Thereby affecting a person's ability to hear.
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