Thursday, August 29, 2013

Treatments Wood Flooring - Parquet

Tips Around the Home. or commonly called wood floor parquet is usually used on the inside of the house / interior. so usually use less coating for interior waterproof, light and exposure to other weather matahahari.

In an effort to care Wooden Floors - Parquet usually given coatings. Coatings are commonly used for wood flooring is lacquer, polyurethane or a mixture melamik. The use of polyurethane mixture melamik and more resistant to moisture, sunlight and weather exposure other than the use of conventional types of camphor.

If your wood floors are the outdoors so much more exposed to moisture, sunlight and other weather exposure , you should provide protection and care to maintain its quality ekstara.

For color selection camphor is used, the choice of the most appropriate course adjust the color of wood do you use in order to further reinforce the appearance of the wood fiber itself.

Usually there is a type of wood flooring that has been specially packaged and has a guide for use and maintenance that you can use as a reference in setting up and maintenance of wood flooring.

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