Thursday, August 22, 2013

7 Natural and Effective Ways to Treat Severe Acne

Severe acne is bad and will not respond to pharmaceutical drug products. Most of the synthetic products have been proven to be effective for severe acne. Fortunately, there are proven natural ways to get rid of and eliminate acne come. There are some natural ways to treat severe acne and is a good treatment for you.

7 Ways To Treat Acne Naturally

of Brown Sugar Scrub .
Scrub of this sugar is probably the best way to treat severe acne naturally. All you have to do is go to the bathroom and rub or Bubuhi face, back, and any acne affected areas with this scrub to open up the pores. Rub gently with the sugar scrub. Brown sugar scrub will work well if done 2-3 times per month.

Using Egg .
Eggs as an effective remedy and can be used. Egg white useful for reducing excess skin oil while the egg yolk helps to avoid clogging of skin pores. This is one way to treat severe acne naturally.

This treatment may take a long time. About two months to get the results that will be obvious. How to treat acne with egg is very easy that is by way of separate egg whites from the yolks into two different bowls. Beat the egg white and apply on your face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes then rinse with plain water. Do not use soap to rinse the mask. Pat dry your face with a clean soft cloth or let it dry by itself.

If you want to use yellow method to open the pores, follow the same way as with the egg white. Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with plain water. You will feel refreshed. Repeat this means twice a week.

Lemon Juice .
Lemon juice is a good toner. Nothing can make your skin clean and supple than lemon juice. Due to the nature of the acid, do not let the lemon too long in the face. Use for five minutes and rinse with warm water.

The warm water will speed up the work of the lemon juice while making sure that we clean up entirely of face. This treatment should be done once every two months. If excessive face will be oily which will only aggravate the acne condition is severe.

Using Honey .
Honey can be used to treat severe acne. abortion helps reduce the size of acne and give the skin a more clean. Honey also has antibacterial properties that cause the infection does not occur. Just use for an hour and rinse with warm water.

Tea Tree Oil .
Of tea tree oil to prevent infections and help cure acne. Tea tree oil is known for antijamurnya nature. Rubbing oil on the area of ​​infection jerawatdan it can help you cure acne. This oil can heal on all types of acne, whether mild, or severe sedangm.

Garlic .
Garlic is a natural antibacterial with over 400 chemicals . It helps in controlling severe acne and makes the skin free from further infection. Garlic should be used in a way to eat it, and applied to the skin. When using the second method is used as a combination of garlic, sanagt fast and satisfactory result.

Mint Leaf .
Mint obviously rich in menthol, a substance which is naturally soothing and anti- -inflammatory. Mint leaves skin feeling cool and allows to open the pores of the skin. Mint oil or leaf extract min can be used to cure severe acne that can be used as often as possible without having adverse effects and serious.

That's all About Natural and Effective Ways to Treat Severe Acne

Whatever you employ natural methods to help treat severe acne, it's definitely good because all the ingredients are made of natural rather than artificial plant that may contain hazardous materials. Hopefully this article useful and can help you cure acne naturally.

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