Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Quickly Overcome Acne Naturally

How to quickly treat acne naturally tricky course, it all depends on his or her way of handling different. Acne is a very annoying problem on the face, to make the face become smooth again, acne is caused by excess oil levels in the face and then mixed with dirt from pollution that causes infection.

Fast Ways to Overcome Acne Naturally

There are many ways to overcome acne naturally fast that we can easily find, but it fits or not it all depends on the sensitivity of the skin of the face, because everyone has Different sensitivity, if one of his or her treatment will make the skin infection is excessive. Therefore to avoid choosing the wrong treatment method suitable for facial skin, its like the one listed below.

Quick Ways to Overcome Acne Naturally

Using Salt Water - In addition to herbs, salt also its many benefits. It has been proven from some people use salt to help relieve pain in the teeth and throat, yet poorer salt can also help to eliminate acne. The trick is to dissolve the salt in warm water, then soak cotton in the solution for about one minute, then remove the cotton and apply on pimples while pressed.

Using Tomato - Tomato has been shown to have a lot of benefits for our bodies, in addition to its delicious taste and can help overcome the premature aging, poorer tomatoes also can help eliminate acne because its vitamin C content is high enough. The trick was classified as very easy, wash tomatoes and puree in a blender, then use the tomatoes in a blender earlier as a mask and leave to dry for about two to thirty minutes, then rinse and wash your face using warm water. To get maximum results, do this way once a day.

Course there are many fast ways to overcome acne naturally are other things you can try, one of them by using lime or diligently washing your face after traveling, avoid excessive use of cosmetics, and ask for advice on beauty expert if you want to use cosmetics and soap. But its no good if you use a natural way, because of the natural way is very safe and does not cause side effects also do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

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