Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 Tips to Improve Your Brain Memory

Hi, friends, health tips. Have a simple brain remember things is a dream of all people. This is because, to simplify and speed up your daily work that requires your brain memory in a variety of activities. You certainly do not expect a brain that is often forgotten in considering the various things in your life. Actually there are some easy tips that can help improve your brain memory. So it can play a major role in improving your brain memory.

Companions, health tips. Improve memory our brain is a step we have to do to help all of our daily activities. Therefore, health tips this time will present an article that may be very useful for all readers. Companions, health tips, the following simple tips to improve memory your brain:

  1. By training your brain in a way that simple. Try writing a 10 word lists varied. Then close the words you write. After 2 minutes, write the list of words you wrote in the order. It can measure the strength of your brain memory.
  2. The second method is that you can do with listening to classical music or instrumental music like classical orchestra. According to some research, often listening to classical music can help improve your brain memory. The following tips are often filled with crossword puzzles. Often filled with crossword puzzles, your brain will always try to remember something that is related to the question and the correct answer to the questions arise the crossword puzzle. So these tips can also increase your brain memory. Tip four is to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your brain health. This can be done by regular exercise, adequate rest, and eat a variety of foods are good for your brain health. Foods such as wheat, fish oil, tomatoes, squash, broccoli and beans are some very good food for your brain health. So tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle will improve your brain memory.
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  • Thus discuss health tips easy tips to improve memory your brain. Hopefully this time the health tips can be very useful to the reader as well. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. ( Source: woezone).
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