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Clean water and healthy

Clean water and healthy
water clean and healthy is one of the basic needs of day-to-day for each house, the water clean, clear and colored not needed in every home from washing, cooking, drinking and bathing water.

In most places the current water demand is increasing while the quality of health and cleanliness of the water decreases.

Sarat clean water and healthy

Water has several loaded that must be met to be considered as clean water and healthy, so it can be used as drinking water and water needs of households.

physical Sarat

physical laden water is clean and healthy can usually be known directly through their physical appearance such as:

  • Water does not contain certain smell and taste.
  • not colored, clean and clear.
  • water temperature equal to room temperature.

chemical Sarat

Sarat chemical clean water and healthy is not to contain harmful substances in the size of certain levels.

biological Sarat

water quality biologically if in it there are no organisms, germs and bacteria exceed defined limits, these limits are:

  • In 1 cc of healthy drinking water there are only less than 100 germs.
  • In 100 cc of clean drinking water can not be contained E. coli bacteria that can cause indigestion.
  • healthy drinking water well can not contain other bacteria that carry diseases such as thipus, cholera and dysentery.

clean water source

usual source of clean water comes from rain water, water treatment and purification such as plumbing or piped water, wells and springs. Usually determine the quality of water sources.


In some places the rain water is usually obtained by direct rainwater in tanks, rain water is usually used if the area is not obtained sources other than rain water.

glance looks clean rainwater rainwater but usually contain dust and small particles are carried by air.

Tap water or PAM

Air PAM is usually derived from the treatment and purification of water sources such as rivers or boreholes, as a result of processing and purification of tap water quality is usually influenced by the processing and the source from which the water comes.

Where did it originate tap water should affect how the processing and purification techniques are performed. In some places tap water comes from wells drilled but not infrequently treated and cleaned water from the river.

Well water

There is a kind of shallow wells and artesian wells:

  • well water obtained by digging into the ground to get the springs are usually called shallow wells.
  • artesian wells were usually made a way to drill into the ground to a depth of 50 meters or more.

deep water wells which typically affects the quality of their produce, the more in the clean water is obtained.


In an unspoiled area usually there are springs, the water drawn from springs tend to be healthy and can be directly used for household needs.

water purification

For those of you who are less fortunate get a less clean water based or physical observation of the results of tool checks the water quality, water purification can be carried out mechanism to process less water to be clean and healthy water and healthy with certain water purification mechanism is appropriate.

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