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Understanding About Acne is a Beauty Tips Tricks I'm going to share with readers. Acne is one of the problems on our skin that usually occurs on the face, back, neck, chest, and did not rule on other parts of the body. Research has shown that no single person who does not suffer from a skin disease called acne this. Possible causes an increase in hormonal gland that stimulates the skin to produce excess oil. Other hormonal changes that can lead to and cause acne are pregnancy, menstrual periods, use of birth control pills, and stress due to various things.

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The Causes Acne

Here are various things that can make acne suddenly appears on the parts of our body. Let us start from the first.

  1. Excess oil production in the skin can cause acne. This is due to the obstruction of hair follicles and skin pores by oil. Pile own oil or sebum mixes and reacts with the bacteria.
  2. Dead skin cells are mixed with oil will cause acne. When the skin cells mixed with dust or dirt that resulted in thick dirt and form a plug be black or white spots. Bacteria make skin problems worse. These bacteria are called p.acne and tend to proliferate. Gland will continue to swell and likely to rupture, then menyebarnyan cause skin inflammation or irritation to the surrounding area. Cosmetic is commonly used by women. Cosmetics also be one of the causes of acne. Blockage of pores due to the unified powder fondation and not cleaned as clean as possible is the cause. Stress actually indirectly cause acne. The release of a hormone because streslah that trigger acne. Drugs Corticosteroid drugs cause immune deficiencies and otherwise increase the potency of acne due to the activity of pathogenic bacteria. Mobile Phones or HP is mandatory requirement of modern humans today. HP taukah you become fertile bacterial growth media. My advice is do not stick your cheeks HP on the skin when the phone often to clean the surface casing and HP use of alcohol.

Type Type Acne

There are three types of acne that we often encounter or even we have experienced to date. The third type of acne that include

  1. Acne is a common type of acne is colored reddish pink with a small bulge. This acne occurs because of blockage of pores by a type of bacteria Propionibacterium acne.
  2. stone Acne Cystic acne or acne that size is large and is accompanied by severe inflammation that is located gathered around the face.
  3. Blackheads are clogged pores. Called open comedones blackhead, looks like enlarged pores and blackened color. Closed comedones are commonly called whiteheads and looks like white lumps or bumps that are small. This alone blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and the secretion of excessive oil glands in the skin.

That's all about understanding Acne

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