Friday, August 23, 2013

Body Acne Treatment And Backs

Treatment of acne in the body and back - in the body and back acne is triggered by the same factors as facial acne. However, there are some differences in treatment, especially when it comes to skin care. Knowing how to effectively treat body acne can help prevent acne and accelerate healing.

Acne Treatment on Body As Well backs
class="tr-caption" Acne grows in the body must be treated specifically.

How to cure acne on the body

  1. Choose a gentle cleanser . Traditional soap may not be the best option, as it can dry out the skin and further irritate acne. Instead gunakalah fragrance-free mild soap such as Ivory or Dove. You can also get good results with a body wash with soap-the-counter products that are made specifically for body acne.
  2. Avoid brushing and body scrubs . Body acne can not be expelled by means buffed. In fact, you probably will do more harm when rubbed. Vigorous scrubbing of the skin follicles and aggravate inflammation can aggravate acne. Your best option is to carefully wash acne affected area with a soft cloth, or with your hands. Try soaking instead of using the shower . Soaking in warm water to loosen dead skin cells. Decay away from cellular debris helps keep the pores open and clear, reducing the possibility of blackheads. Some beauty experts recommend putting a cup of sea salt to the bath water to help heal inflamed lesions. Make sure the area remains tenrendam-acne under water for at least twenty minutes. Apply topical acne creams or medications . Topical creams can help exfoliate quickly and reduce the amount of bacteria that cause pimples and acne. If your body acne is mild, you can buy benzoyl peroxide lotion. Apply to dry skin twice a day. If your body acne is more severe, visit and consultation with your dermatologist. Doctors can decide and help determine the best topical medicine for you. Wear loose clothing natural fibers . Natural fibers, such as cotton, allowing your skin to breathe better because the holes bigger clothes fibers. Avoid tight clothing, constricting clothing and clothing that sticks to the skin. Stay away from scratchy materials like wool. These materials can irritate your skin.

That's all Acne Treatments in Body And Back

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