Sunday, August 18, 2013

Face and Face Care Natural

face and facial treatments naturally is a solution for some people who have facial skin problems such as the levels of excess oil or breakouts. But there are some who let the problem but not the least also have been troubled by the problem and need a solution to his care.

 Advances and Face Care Natural

For those who care about the facial skin and want to have healthy skin, smooth, and clean can listen face and facial care tips naturally below .

Tips and Treatment Advances in Natural Face

Face Wash Natural Way - In addition to using soap to wash your face, you can also use natural ingredients such as aloe vera. The trick is to smooth the aloe vera stem then mixed with two tablespoons of milk, then apply on face and neck as a mask, leave a few minutes then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Facial Steam Natural - Steam face is believed to assist in cleaning up the dirt on the skin pores. No need to bother to beauty salons because you can do it yourself at home naturally, the way is very easy, mix hot water with green tea into a bowl, then draw near face on the bowl, let's face exposed to moisture but not too close, too, do less twenty minutes each day to its fullest and get satisfactory results.

Eliminates Dead Skin Cells Naturally - Removes dead skin cells on the skin is one of the treatments on the face , which typically use microdermabrasi way. But could also use natural ways to use oatmeal, olive oil, and bananas as a mask, do the makers of olive oil and mix oatmeal and bananas up into a paste, apply on face and leave on for ten minutes, then rinse and wash using cold water .

It's easy is not it? You can do it with a regular and relaxing at home. There is no loss of his conduct facials and face naturally with routine, because by having a white face, smooth, clean, and healthy as well of course it certainly gives the appearance of a plus point for us and give greater confidence.

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