Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ideal size Bedrooms

ideal bedroom
Tips on Determining the ideal size bedrooms on Tips About Houses. Determine the ideal size of a bedroom in the house desaian planning is easy but difficult, because the consideration of the size of a room that you needed greatly influenced the size of the ground plane to be built, the needs of the rooms in the house and the necessary functions of the bedroom itself.

Here are tips to determine the ideal size of a bedroom is based on the designation of tips about home:

1. Size bedrooms ideal for the master bedroom is an area of ​​11,15 m2 with a minimum length of the shortest side at least 2,85 m net from wall to wall.

2. Ideal for a bedroom for a child requires at least 7.43 m2 space with shortest side length of 2.50 m net from wall to wall.

3. For at least the maid bedroom offers a 5-6 m2 with shortest side length of at least 2 m net from wall to wall.

Size obtained from the above calculation needs the space for humans in the room space. For further consideration you can adjust the size of your room with the size of the furniture that you will use in the room, for example, for the first time this type of furniture with an average size of 200 cm length, there are several types of bed sizes ranging from 100 cm wide, 120 cm, 160 cm and 200 cm.

Another consideration to note is another function of the bedrooms will you provide, whether solely or bedroom alone will also be used for other activities that will affect items placed in it.

Whatever it is widespread, functions and furnishings that you will use in the bedroom that will be created, each bedroom must be able to provide the basic functions of the bedrooms are comfortable and relaxed susana to rest you.

Congratulations build your ideal bedroom. A few tips from Tips Around the House home.

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