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How to Treat Acne in Adolescence

How to treat acne in adolescence - Almost every teenager suffers from acne to some degree, but the days of teenage acne should not be something that should be passed to suffer. Early treatment can help keep acne to a minimum child mungkit not happen when all through adolescence. Learn how to care for the skin of Youth simple and clear mild acne may develop earlier.

 How Treating Teen Acne days you
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How To Treat Acne The days Teens

  1. wary of signs of acne . Acne typically begins in adolescence between ages 10 to 13, with some of the kids who show early signs of acne since the age of eight years. Note the small blackheads and papules early, especially on the nose where acne usually begins. Worsening of acne during adolescence is spread to the forehead, the cheeks and chin. The goal should be to surround the initial breakouts before they start spreading kek parts of the skin. Begin treatment as soon as the light emerging blackheads. Janganmenunggu and see what happens tomorrow. The sooner you start treatment, the better the result.
  2. Give basic cleaning . Started around the age of nine, the children have to clean their face every night with a gentle cleanser like Dove or Neutrogena .. Cleaning your face every day is very important for boys, because they tend to suffer from more severe acne and more durable. Use gentle treatment cream . A benzoyl peroxide cream (2.5% strength) is a good choice for teens who are experiencing or inflamed red pimples. Benzoyl peroxide acne treatment creams that are very common and inexpensive that can be found in many skin care place. This highly successful drug for treating mild cases of acne, benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that cause acne. Apply benzoyl peroxide cream in a thin layer over all the areas with acne once or twice a day, after cleansing the face. You should monitor your face if redness, irritation, or excessive dryness. If that occurs, reduce usage. Teach must not touch the acne . Teach your child not to touch acne. Menyentuk can force infected material deeper into the dermis, creating a more severe lesions. Hold and squeeze acne can cause scarring, inflammation worsens, and generally aggravate acne. It also can cause serious infections. Young adolescents, in particular, seemed intent on picking at their skin. They may need a gentle reminder to encourage them to maintain and keep their hands from facial acne. Explain that holds the acne may worsen acne, making it look more red pimples and clear, and cause more acne. Go to a doctor if necessary. If you had acne does not respond to home treatment or you seem very irritated pimple faced teenager future, the next step you have to go to a dermatologist. Your dermatologist can help create a treatment plan that will help you. Once again, do not wait and immediately seek other treatment. The sooner you start treating acne, the easier it is to control it.

Tips ; Treating Teen Acne The days

  1. Choose a product that is very lightweight. Your skin is very sensitive, and rugged products can irritate the skin and aggravate acne.
  2. You have to be diligent to mebersihkan skin every time. You may want to enlist the help of a doctor or other skin care to teach about the importance of good skin care every day.

A few How To Treat Acne In the Teens

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