Friday, August 16, 2013

Between Canopy and Pergola

between Canopy and Pergola
Tips Around the Home. In general, we assume between canopy and pergola is the same, namely to protect the things that are below it. canopy and pergola usually placed in outer space or on top of the window or door openings. because many of us think this is the same as the pergola canopy. Though obviously have perbadaan with pergola canopy.

Canopy and pergola useful to protect from exposure to sunlight and rain. canopy typically used front porch, garage or car port or over a window or door, another case with a pergola that is only used in the front yard or garage.

The major difference between the canopy and pergola is on its structure. shaped canopy roof resembles a curved or tilted with frame made of iron, while a pergola made of wood ribs parallel or cross-shaped flat selag.

Canopies in general have a material portion of the tarpaulin cover, cloth or plastic polymer. Soft material used in order to fit the canopy cover following the skeletal structure.

In terms of appearance between the canopy and pergola. Pergola is generally more interesting because usually have vines that grow and add to the impression of a beautiful spread. While the canopy tend to appear "greasy" and simple because it is composed of factory-made materials.

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