Monday, August 19, 2013


Plinth floor
Plinth strong , Tip House. Plinth is the term for the part of the floor is mounted vertically on the wall. Has been around since ancient Roman times, when it was used as a plinth protection that borders the bottom of the column directly to the floor.

Plinth is generally made with a 7-10 cm high. Plinth made so that the bottom of the wall directly adjacent to the floor does not get dirty stains and moisture, especially when sweeping and mopping the floor. In addition to avoiding stains dirt and moisture, Plinth also serves to protect the wall from abrasions from impact, because the bottom of the wall is one of the most vulnerable places clash when shifting and moving perbot or furniture.

Sometimes referred to as tiles Plinth . This term is not quite right because the current Plinth material material is not limited to the tile alone. Plinth can be made of wood, water proofing, paint pools, aluminum and even glass.

Addition comes with basic functions to protect the floor from dirt stains, moisture and impact. Plinth also has aesthetic functions as a border barrier between the floor and walls, using certain colors plinth game can go a contrast and a frame for your floor.

In general ceramic Plinth , tile and wood mounted out of the wall just above the floor, because of his position coming out of the wall, the side of the plinth should not be sharp.

Previous Plinth tile is made by cutting the tiles intact, but fortunately nowadays most brands of ceramic has provided a special ceramic tiles for the plinth.

you are interested in using the plinth on the floor of your house?

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