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5 Tips Healthy While In Front Of Laptop Or Computer

Hi, friend. Health Tips. Technology in contemporary times is more advanced. Various tools or machines have been successfully made and mass produced to facilitate human work. So we are getting on top of technological advances is profitable. One of them is a computer and a laptop that has been possessed by most humans. However, in addition to our benefit, and laptop computers bring harm to your health. Then, is there any healthy tips while in front of your laptop or computer .....???

Companions, health tips. Computers and laptops have become part of our lives. Both of these tools can simplify our work beside can also be used for communication between people who are close to us like the facebook and others, also we can use for entertainment and even shopping can we do in front of our computer screens and laptops. However, the presence of laptops and computers is bad for our health, if we linger in front of the computer or laptop. Here are 5 tips on healthy while in front of the laptop or computer:

  1. To avoid cramps in the hands and feet lehar you, you should occasionally rotate the neck with a clockwise or counter clockwise and also renggangkan toes and your hands when it's a bit long in front of a laptop or computer screen.
  2. When is too long in front of a laptop or computer screen your body will automatically rarely moves and is not good for your health. It's good, you take the time in the morning or evening to walk or exercise to relax the back muscles and your body persendiaan. When in front of a laptop or computer screen, try to sit with the correct position your eyes to keep the laptop screen, keep your shoulders relaxed and your spine is straight and not bent and resting your fingers after typing all this time in front of a computer or laptop. People who are too long in front of computer and laptops usually have the weight drastically. So try to exercise and maintain your diet and eat healthy foods to accelerate your metabolism.
    Try to blink your eyes in front of a computer screen or laptop with an intensity that often. This is useful so that your eyes are not sore because of the dry and also avoid the dangers of eye diseases that may arise, because too often linger in front of the computer or laptop.
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  • Such health tips healthy discusses 5 tips while in front of a computer or laptop . Hopefully this time the health tips can be useful for all readers. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: blog-news-latest).
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