Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 Easy Tips to Sharpen Your Brain Memory

has a genius brain is the dream of all people. Despite the fact that, just a few who have a brain like a genius physicist Albert Einstein and several other scientists. One characteristic of having a genius brain that can solve complex problems quickly and remember things better that the present and recall memories of the past. Then, is there any tips to sharpen our brains remember ....????

Friend, health tips. Has a sharp memory recall is needed by everyone. We may feel upset, when put stuff somewhere and when needed, we forgot to put where. So have a good memory is needed in all conditions and circumstances. This time, health tips will address an article that may be very valuable to the reader. Here's Tips to sharpen your brain memory:

  1. Is in solid wipe your activities, try to perform brain exercises. Brain exercises can be done by giving a few questions that you must answer for yourself. Such as, mentions that there are 10 items in the kitchen, 10 items in the office or school room, or other questions.
  2. Like the body, the brain needs nutrients or foods for better memory good. Kinds of good food for the brain food that is nutritional or green vegetables (spinach and other green vegetables) and fish (in this case tuna and salmon).
    All organs of the body we are no exception brain needs water to support in order to optimize its performance. In this case, drinking enough water is very useful to sharpen your brain memory. Ideally we should drink water 8 glasses of water each day. Try to rest your brain when it was working all day. Sleep is the most effective way to rest your brain and your mind. So that when you wake up, the brain is more fresh and able to work optimally in helping us everyday aktivias who desperately need work besides our physical brains. By rest or sleep can sharpen our brain memory.
    For those of you who do activities that desperately need your brain memory. It's good, no rest your brain for a few minutes. In order for your brain to be fresh again remember things in your employment. Fill out the words hidden in the crossword puzzle is a very powerful way to train your brain to sharpen your memory.
  3. Trying to remember the beautiful memories of the past is one of the tips to sharpen your brain memory. Such memories with your friends while at school or in college or other fond memories.
  4. Keep your Exercise your body every morning. Because exercise is good for health and accelerate blood circulation in the body, including your brain. So it will be able to sharpen your brain memory.
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    entitled Good tips on health tips to sharpen your memory and brain can be beneficial useful for all readers. The final word, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: 2lisan, healthy-is-naturally, strengthen-memory).
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