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6 Quick Tips To Not Senile Or Often Forgotten

Hey guys, health tips. Having a good memory is a dream of all people. But on the other hand, there are some of us who often forget to remember the important things in our lives. The age factor is one of the frequent causes us to forget at some point. Many people who call it dementia symptoms. Is there ever having forgotten or even often forgotten in some ways ....???. 6 Quick Tips To Not Senile or Often Forget.

Companions, health tips. Every human brain memory is increasingly decreases with growing age. We can see the fact, older people often say about the same thing over and over again without realizing it, he was told it had just. We also saw old people always forget to put stuff that he put himself. But the truth is not the only parent who develop symptoms or dementia forget it. Many of us who have a relatively young age is also often forgotten or senile. Therefore, health tips this time will address an article on 7 tips to avoid senile or often forgotten. Here are 7 tips to avoid senile or often forget:

  1. First tip is to do brain exercises. Brain exercises we can do with the way we train the brain to remember something. Like you said 10 school friend who is very close to you, mentioning 10 song titles that you enjoy doing at this time or other things that you can set yourself. The point is trying to remember to remember something that you knew before.
  2. Tips latter is to consume a variety of foods that are beneficial to nourish your brain. The foods such as blueberries, fruit bits, red onions, broccoli and bananas. These foods are very good for your brain menurtisi order not senile or often forgotten.
    Tips that third drink water that is 6 -8 glasses of water a day. Because water can help the whole function of organs work more optimally. In this case the function of our brain will function better if we drink 6 -8 glasses of water a day.
    Tips fourth is your brain rest. This can be done with enough sleep. Sleep functioning brain to rest and regenerate. So when awake, our brains become fresh and fresh again.
    Tips of the fifth is to relax your brain when you have to think hard and had a headache. Doing activities that you like when you're hit by stress is a way to relax your brain. Tips sixth is by doing brain teasers. Brain Teasers is the work crossword puzzles that can be found in bookstores or newspapers or newspapers.
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  • So called health tips 6 tips to avoid senile or often forgotten. Hopefully this time the health tips can be useful to the reader. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: alwaystrendy).
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