Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4 Signs of Coronary Artery Narrowing In Your Heart

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. The heart is a vital organ in humans. Can not imagine if our heart stops beating it death that will happen. Did you know, our heart beats 70 times per minute, 4200 times per hour, 100,080 times per day, 3.024 million times per month. Without ever stopping and beating on without our orders before death befalls someone. Coronary arteries are the blood vessels that are in the surface of the heart with the most branches infiltrating between the muscles of the heart. This is the function of the coronary arteries deliver needed food heart muscle so that the heart can continue to work. Then, are there signs in case of narrowing of the coronary arteries in your heart ...???

Friend, you kesehatan.Tahukah tips, a variety of causes can lead to narrowing of the coronary arteries of the heart we like high cholesterol, diabetes, pressure high blood pressure, smoking, overweight or obesity factors, lack of exercise activity, increased levels of stress, heredity, and increasing age. Various signs we can find if there is narrowing of the coronary arteries in the heart, health tips this time will address an article about the various signs of narrowing of the coronary arteries in your heart. Here are 7 signs narrowing of the coronary arteries in your heart organ:
  1. The pain in the chest when you do physical activity and pain will be reduced when you reduce The physical activity.
  2. Location of pain is usually located in the middle of your chest slightly to the left. Sometimes the pain is radiating to the back, left arm and into the neck as well as your molars. If the pain gets worse it will be accompanied by a cold sweat on your body.
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    Hopefully health tips discussed 4 signs of coronary artery constriction on the heart organ can bermanfat for readers. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: get to know our heart by the great Sudarmanto). Image courtesy of rajcreationzs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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