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Powerful Tips to Eliminate Acne Naturally

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. Having a clean face and acne free is a dream of all people. Acne can indeed ruin our beautiful and handsome face. Various ways we sometimes do to eliminate stubborn acne .. Not infrequently, take a small cost just to get rid of the acne. Then, is there any tips get rid of acne naturally potent ...????

Friend, health tips. Actually there are a variety of ways or tips that we can do to eliminate acne of the face us. With a very natural way without spending exorbitant costs that can make waste of course. Therefore, health tips this time will summon a powerful article about tips get rid of acne naturally. Companions, health tips, the following tips to eliminate acne naturally powerful:
  1. Try reducing foods high in fat such as nuts, chocolate and various Other foods that contain lots of fat. Amount of fat in the body causing the body to produce excess oil. The excess oil will clog the pores of the skin and will eventually form a clot and would invite bacteria Propionibacterium, namely bacteria penyebabjerawat.
  2. Try to increase the consumption of foods that contain lots of fiber such as fruits and vegetables . This is because, fibrous foods will dissolve bad fats in the body. So that the oil content in the body decreases, too, including the content of excess oil on our skin. Try to meet the needs of the fluid in our body. In this case the water needs 8 glasses per day. Function of water is to help the regeneration of the skin and also clean the dirt in the body, including acne.
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