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Characteristics of Heart Disease Prevention Plus

The heart is a vital organ in the human body, though not mengesampngkan role of other organs. In our body, the circulatory system is always working 24 hours to circulate blood throughout our bodies. In this case, the heart is one organ that plays a role in blood flow throughout our bodies.

Friend, health tips. From the description above, we came to know that the importance of the role of the heart in our body. we can not imagine, if our heart to experience serious problems. So that blood circulation can be impaired by such a serious problem. For this reason, this time health tips will address a very useful article related to your heart. The following characteristics plus heart disease prevention:

"The characteristics of heart disease can be detected carefully. If you experience pain in the chest (like a punctured chest), then a sense of palpitations, often experience shortness of breath, kesemuatan in some parts of the body accompanied dried out cold on the body . This is an indication of cardiac symptoms is in trouble ".

companions, health tips. in addition to the above symptoms, we also know the name of heart failure and coronary heart disease. Symptoms of heart failure when we are affected by insomnia sufferers usually or difficulty sleeping at night, the foot became swollen, you get tired quickly even with mild activity and symptoms such as shortness of breath you are. For the symptoms of coronary heart blockage of blood vessels especially the arteries of the heart as it hardens. So that the blood circulation that supplies blood to the heart to experience serious problems.
Companions, health tips, Many caecal effort we can do to prevent all of the above and make your heart healthier and work optimally for your body. The following are two examples:
  1. very balanced diet helps maintain the health of your heart. In this case we have to get used to eating a variety of foods that contain a variety of nutrients as well. Vegetables such as spinach and avocado and nuts are very good for your heart health. Spinach is a vegetable which is very good for our heart. This is because spinach contains a lot of potassium in very high and very low in sodium which is good for your heart health. For the avocado, the fruit is very good for keeping your heart ksesehatan. This is because, avocado contains a lot of potassium 7 types of fiber and contain vitamins that are good for your heart, which is vitamin E. For nuts, There are two types of cashew nuts and almone. Two types of these foods contain lots of omega 3 which is very good for your heart health.
  2. The importance of maintaining an ideal body weight. The ideal body weight is also very in need to maintain the health of your heart. To find out if your ideal weight, you can calculate it easily. High yaiut your bada minus 100 then multiply 90 percent, then you will get the ideal body weight should be. 173 examples of your height then: (173-100) * 90% = 66.7 kg.
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