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Japanese Garden Inspiration Tips

Japanese Garden Inspiration Tips
Tips Around the Home. Japanese Garden is based on the type in general, we can group into five types of Japanese garden :

1. Water Park or Lake Park

It has a large size of most other types of Japanese garden, so objects in it become more numerous and diverse than most other parks.

Japanese Garden of this type generally have a pool as well as the flow of water and waterfalls, bridges month comes the arched bridge over the pond. This type of Japanese garden also has sculptures is a statue of a turtle which symbolizes longevity and swan sculpture that symbolizes health. Compared to other parks also have a Japanese garden plants are more diverse.

2. Natural Parks or Natural

Japanese Garden this type are designed so that together and become part of the natural surroundings. Because this type designed Japanese garden blend with nature make this Japanese garden can live birds and rodents such as mermut, rabbit or squirrel.

Japanese Garden is dominated by lichens and plants become more perfect if it had ponds and natural water flow. Sometimes also features a gazebo in the Japanese language is called Azumaya.

3.Taman Stone and Sand

Evolving since Muromachi era and describe the philosophy of Zen, usually used for meditating monks. Japanese garden of this type are generally surrounded by beautiful walls and decorative walls.

As the name implies this Japanese garden composed of rocks and sand. Sand neatly arranged in the form of rectangular areas regularly. Amount of rock in the tradition of 15 pieces arranged in groups of two, three and five, sometimes there are stones overgrown with moss as an accent.

Garden stones and sand in zen concept gives the impression of space and emptiness. with rock and sand garden is expected to clear the mind from worldly things and make meditation work well. Others say rocks represent islands of Japan and the sand is the sea.

4. Tea Garden

Japanese Garden this type associated with the tea ceremony is conducted in Japan, Japanese garden for tea ceremony consists of two parts, an outdoor garden and park in, in the tea garden There is also a house where the tea ceremony takes place. The parts in the Japanese garden stone, stone lanterns and the water of the stone is a symbolic union interconnected.

In the park is a park that is private and only be enjoyed from the tea house, while outside the park useful to wait for a place that usually has wooden seats.

tea garden is equipped container washed in water from the rock itself as a symbol of purification for those who will go to the tea house.

5. Garden Flat

Japanese garden of this type is a combination of natural parks and gardens sandstone. The main part of this park is a stretch of white sand and surrounded by a circular stone lawn, the garden shape symbolizes brightness and joy. This Japanese garden visitors can interpret their own meaning and sand stone structure in it.

The parts are normally found in this type of Japanese garden are stones and sand, Jepara similar plants, flowers and lawn moss plants.

In general, water containers of stone, water saluaran of bamboo, natural stone, white sand, stone lanterns, arched bridge, koi fish is the hallmark of a Japanese garden .

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