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7 Tips to Avoid Cancer From Cell Phone Radiation

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. Communication has become more highly developed and sophisticated in this era. Since the communication devices called mobile phones, we become more easily connected with the people closest we love without having to meet face to face. Perhaps the author can only say, kta should be more grateful to live in the era of highly sophisticated at this point. But, you should know, there was a negative side to the cell phone / mobile phone.

Companions, health tips. According to the World Health Organization (WHO): Cell phone use can increase of possible cancer risk. From the revelation of the WHO concluded that mobile phone use can increase the chances of developing cancer. But we can not discard or not to use cell phones to communicate in order to avoid the cancer. Therefore, health tips this time will address a related article with tips to avoid cancer from cell phone radiation. Companions, health tips, Here's 7 tips to avoid cancer from cell phone radiation:
  1. You should use a headset when talking on the phone / mobile phone that you have. This is to keep the radiation source on the phone from your head.
  2. You should better utilize SMS (Short messange Service) on the mobile phone to connect with the people closest to you than to call him directly. It also aims to keep phone radiation source of your head. If you are not using a headset during a call, try not to talk on the phone too long. It is also intended to make you not too long exposed to the radiation source during a call using the phone. Do not use or call a friend on your mobile phone when a weak signal conditions. Because when the phone signal is weak, the phone will try to find a signal with a bang. Thereby increasing the radiation of the phone which is not good for you, if exposed to radiation. Cell phone radiation increases when making a phone call. So try a little phone away from your ear when you call a friend over the phone, and bring your ketelinga when your friend's voice has been heard. With the aim of minimizing the radiation cell phone when you call. Try not to call anyone else when you are in a car or in the elevator. This is because, the phone will use more power or great when used in enclosed spaces such as metallized with conditions in the car or in the elevator. Tips seventh is buy cell phone / mobile phone with low radiation levels. This may be one alternative that you can take to reduce radiation hazards that may befall you through the use of the mobile phone.
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