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All About Acne Teens

All about teenage acne - Got acne in adolescence? You are definitely not alone. Nearly 100% of all teenagers have or have had acne. Teenage acne attack all the same, regardless of sex, race or ethnicity.

All About Acne Teens
class="tr-caption" Acne in teenage boys more durable and tend to be more severe.

teenage acne usually begins between the ages of ten to thirteen years. The most common development began in the nose, and then spread to the chin, forehead, and cheeks. In more severe cases, acne can affect the neck, shoulders, chest, back and upper arms. Most cases of acne terselesai in their twenties. However, it is not uncommon acne exist and persist into adulthood.

teenagers trigger acne future

hormones in the production at puberty are responsible for the appearance of acne during adolescence. This hormone stimulates the sebaceous skin, or oil glands, creating a more oily skin prone to pore blockages and breakouts meimbulkan. There are studies showing stress and diet as an additional trigger acne.

Young adults more than promiscuous dressing product to finding a cure for acne. Teens are very resentful and confused about their skin condition also typically use a topical medication to excess in an effort to speed up the clearing.

It's important for teens to understand that all acne medications, including over-the-counter, should be used as directed. Applying too often or too large in concentration can easily lead to excessive dryness, peeling, redness, irritation, and can actually increase the longer healing time.

Price High Emotional Properties

Acne is a physical problem, tatapi also affect adolescent psychological. Even if the acne is relatively mild, it may have a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence. But if the acne is more severe, the greater the amount of emotional needed in adolescents. A study in New Zealand has shown teenagers with severe acne at risk for depression and suicide attempts.

Teens with acne tend to have a poor body image. Normal for the patient to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their skin. Boys in particular may feel uncomfortable undressing in the locker room when acne occurs in the body. Teens may not want to participate in sports, such as swimming, because of embarrassment about the condition of their skin.

Parents need to understand even mild acne may have a profound impact on their feelings to themselves. Assist with the treatment and support are paramount for today.

What can be done This situation occurs when

Many cases of teenage acne can be successfully treated with immediate treatment. More than 40% of acne in adolescence is quite serious and required treatment by a physician. If after several weeks of treatment at home there is no improvement, acne should consult a dermatologist. This is especially true for boys.

Boys are far less likely to want to go to the doctor and discuss about their acne, although they tend to have longer lasting acne and more severe than in children women. This may be due to the fact that young women feel more comfortable expressing their feelings about their skin and more comfortable to ask for help. Parents need to be aware that their young children may be very depressed about her skin. All teens need to be reminded that the treatment takes time. Almost every case of acne can be successfully controlled with time and proper care.

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