Thursday, August 22, 2013

House paint, the things you need to know

paint the house
Cat House, things I need to know . In welcoming the big day terentu not hurt if you start preparing the house from now on. Preparation you can do is rearrange them home and renew cat house .

Here are tips about home giving tips about house paint house and the things you need to know . House paint is one of the reasonably priced alternative to replacing your home or residential setting. just to repaint the house with the same color alone is enough to make the house more beautiful and clean, especially if you change the theme color of the house as a whole.

In preparation for renewing the paint there are some tips that may you need to know.

Selection of house paint colors

Color selection is one important step, because if one in determining the color might give the impression that not liking.

Each color of paint will bring his own impression on your room, for example, bright colors such as light yellow or light green will give a broad impression. otherwise dark colors tend to create the impression of cramped.

Matching color matching can also cause widespread impression in the room. While matching contrasting color instead it creates an impression of your house into a small room.

Psychology of color effect on the impression of space

  • dark color on the walls will make the room memorable narrow
  • bright colors on the walls will make the room spacious impression
  • bright colors combined on the ceiling a dark color on the walls, the room will give the impression higher and narrower
  • alngit rainbow bright colors on the walls bright colors combined, will create the impression of a low but wide
  • Blending contrasting colors will create the impression of a smaller space
  • Combining matching colors to create the impression of more space

How to paint

In order to maximum use of catapults and not be wasteful, you need to understand the use of tools such as paint brushes and rollers.

Use brushes

    • not pressed too strong, too strong push brush will make tired quickly and the results can be uneven paint.
    • dip only a third of the long bristle brush, this is the maximum efficiency of the paint and brushes.

    use paint roller

    • Roller longhaired cat will produce a somewhat rough surface and thick
    • short haired Roller will produce a smooth surface and paint tips
    • more efficient use of rollers, fast and can reach a much wider area than using a brush.

    Engineering how to paint

    • Clean surfaces that will be in the paint section of the remnants of the old paint is peeling, dust, dirt, oil and other liquids
    • Using a primer or sealer will result in a better quality paint
    • Dilution with clean water is a maximum of 20%.
    • Give distance drying 1-2 hours before continuing on the next layer of paint. Or adjust the drying distance with existing guidance on the paint packaging.

    Determine needs paint

    Having determined that AKN part of the house in the paint, then you need to calculate the paint is in need, in order to avoid excess or shortage of house paint that is too much. As well in order to fit the budgets funds.

    To determine the needs of house paint, you can use Calculation cat needs home .

    A few Tips home on Cat homes, and the things you need to know about house paint colors .
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