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Incidence Causes of Acne

Cause of acne - what actually causes acne? We all know people who neglect their skin and breakouts rarely turned out. More diligent in caring for the skin, but they are even breakouts. Why are some people prone to acne while others do not?

 Acne Causes emergence of
There are 3 main factors causing acne.

The causes onset acne

There are three main factors that contribute to the development of acne, and they have nothing to do with skin care or lack of care of skin. Results of the factors that come together is a formation of acne. The third factor was hadirdan trigger acne.

  1. Too active sebaceous glands . Sebaceous glands produce sebum or oil is needed to lubricate the surface of the skin. Those who are prone to acne have sebaceous glands that produce sebum more than necessary. Excess oil accumulates in the pores, blocking the sebaceous duct and creating a blockage in the follicle.
  2. not normal shedding of skin cells . The epidermis is constantly shedding dead skin cells through a process called desquamation. Fell away dead skin cells from the stratum corneum and replaced by new cells. In this process of acne skin goes awry, with skin cells four to five times more produced than in normal skin. Which reacts with the buildup of sebum clog pores and produce acne development of bacteria . Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes) bacteria that are easily found on the skin. Those with populations of P. acnes, pimples will grow out of control. The plug of dead cells and oil in the pores creating anaerobic environments where oxygen can not get into the pores. P. acnes thrive in such an environment. P. acnes react with the oil trapped in the pores, producing fatty acid wastes. This waste irritate pores, causing redness and inflammation.

A few about the causes of Acne

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