Monday, August 19, 2013

Easy Tips to Eliminate Or boil Udun

Friend, Health Tips. Ever heard of or experienced reader udun (udunen in the Java language). Udunen (boil in Indonesian) is a lump that is around our bodies. Sometimes these are udunen our asses. if not handled seriously. Then they can be enlarged and continues to expand. So is there any natural remedy to treat or eliminate the udun quickly.

Friend, health tips. Perhaps many drugs available in pharmacies to treat the udunen. But actually there is a way or a natural remedy to treat or eliminate the udunen. Here are tips to eliminate or boil naturally udun:
  1. Prepare the garlic cloves.
  2. then sliced ​​garlic was a bit- slightly. every one slice, garlic will release substances such as oil. Rub the garlic oil on every single slice, slice again again then rubbed on the affected area udun or boil. Repeat until the last slice. Do it 3 times a day until the udun lost. udun Hopefully you can heal or boil.
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  • Hopefully that addresses health tips udun or boil removal tips can be useful for the reader. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: From Various Sources).

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