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Acne In Women Sex

Pimples On Vagina - genital acne lady is a skin problem that is usually caused by changes in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Although fairly common condition among women, acne in the vagina can lead to women who are suffering feel shame, irritation, and an uncomfortable feeling on the part berjerwat. In general, acne in this case it is not harmful and can be treated with natural remedies.

About Acne In Women Sex

1 . Cause Acne Women Sex
Acne can appear on parts of your body, including the vagina. There are many factors that play a role in the development of acne such as hormonal changes, certain soaps, stress, diet, the body's overproduction of oil, drugs and some medical conditions. In addition, adolescents experiencing puberty can cause acne on her pussy. Some acne can also be caused by bacteria in your pores leading to infection.

2. Symptoms Acne Women Sex
Symptoms of female genital acne is mostly red in color, and soft to the touch as it is inflamed bumps around the vaginal area. Pain and itching may accompany the affected areas of acne.

3. Appearance Acne Women Sex
emergence vaginal acne may be different for each individual. Acne mounds may look red and inflamed along the line of your underwear and have a whitehead or blackhead that appeared on the bump. Buildup in the skin cells mixed with oil that can cause parts of the pores in the lump clogged. In addition, dry skin can occur in some areas. Growing lump deep under the skin known as nodules and may be very painful.

4. Acne Treatment Sex Women
treatment for vaginal acne can consist of prescription acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide. Dikatakann that the acne treatment works by fighting against infection from bacteria, accelerate skin cell regeneration (renewal) as well as reducing inflammation itself. In addition, this treatment may take up to eight weeks to see improvement and results. Natural remedies that can be used to treat vaginal acne may include lavender essential oil is used as an antiseptic or Azadirachta indica that brought the anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial. Consult with your doctor before trying to treat any skin condition.

5. Warning Against Acne Vagina
symptoms of certain sexually transmitted diseases like acne vagina. Genital herpes is a common disease acquired through sexual contact. Symptoms of genital herpes include bumps, blisters and pimples on or around the vaginal area that looks similar to acne vagina. If you are showing symptoms of vaginal acne, consult with your physician for diagnosis and treatment tept fast.

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