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5 Dangers of Drinking Water If the Most

; Hey, pal, Health Tips. The human body is in dire need of adequate amounts of fluid, the fluid serves to assist the work of the cell, - cells, organs and tissues in the human body. For this reason, we encourage you to consume water in sufficient quantities. In this case, 8 glasses of water a day is sufficient quantity for the needs of fluids in your body. So that all organs work more optimally. Then, if the danger is drinking water excessively or most for your body .....????

Companions, health tips. If someone said, drink plenty of water to nourish our bodies is a wrong assumption ini.Anda Hopefully after reading this article will know that most of the drinking water it can be dangerous for our bodies. Therefore, health tips will menngetengahkan a useful article for all readers. Companions, health tips, according Times of India Here's 5 Dangers of drinking water if most:

  1. If we receive the body of excess fluid intake will disturb the blood viscosity levels in your body.
  2. If levels of blood keketalah we disturbed it will impact the disruption of the circulatory system in our bodies. Apparently
  3. blood viscosity will reduce sodium in the body. Thereby causing cell swelling in your body.
  4. Risk worst of the cell swelling that you will experience fainting, seizures and even cause you have the name coma. Due to bad Palling of cell swelling especially in the brain cells which can cause death to humans.
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  • Companions, health tips. excessive amount of water in our bodies can also increase blood volume. So that the condition will force the kidneys to work harder to reduce the amount of water in your circulatory system. According to the Associated Hyponatraemia Exercise (EAH) estimates that there are about 1600 cases of deaths worldwide due to excessive drinking water. Hopefully that discusses 5 tips health hazards of drinking water beneficial for most readers. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: aqua, health.liputan6, informasitips).
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