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This is the 7 Signs of HIV Infect Your Body

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. Various kinds of new diseases have emerged as technology advances in the field of health at the present time. Some diseases have a cure and can be found in tanggulagi with drugs - drugs as a cure. But some diseases, one of which HIV / AIDS can not be treated or found a cure. Various Signs of HIV can be detected if the virus has infected your body. So, what are the signs of HIV has infected your body ...???

Companions, health tips. You know, the HIV virus will infect your body if often have sex without a safety accompanied with more than one partner and the use of illegal drugs by injection or syringe. Health tips this time will address an article that may be particularly useful for readers who want to know the signs of the HIV virus infects a person's body. Health tips, Here are 7 signs that the likelihood of HIV infect your body:
  1. mild fever is a sign that the possibility of HIV virus has infected the body you are. The mild fever up to around 39 degrees Celsius. Other symptoms that accompany the fever is mild fatigue, swelling of the lymph nodes, sore throat and pain in your head.
  2. Symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are short-term symptoms in someone who is potentially infected The HIV viurs. weight loss is a symptom that the likelihood that a person has been infected with the HIV virus. The weight loss can also be an indicator of a person's immune system has declined. Dry cough is also an early symptom that a person has been infected with the possibility of the HIV virus. Dry cough that gets worse over time. Night sweats when not doing any activity is also one of the possible symptoms of a person has been infected with the HIV virus. Confusion, difficulty concentrating, irritability and irritability is also a possible indicator of a person has been infected with the HIV virus. Frequently feeling numbness and tingling in the hands and feet are also possible symptoms that a person has been infected with the HIV virus The.
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  • Hopefully that addresses health tips 7 signs of HIV infected Your body can be beneficial to the reader. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: health.detik).
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