Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Care For White Skin

How to care for the skin to white , clean, smooth, and also treatments which are classified as difficult-is easy, because it depends of each discipline in caring and maintaining the skin. Who would not want to have white skin, smooth, and clean, especially the women would want to have skin like that for their beauty perfection.

 How to care for the skin so white

In addition to treatment on facial skin, body skin care must be taken to ensure that it can be both balanced and can improve the appearance.

Here below are some tips on how to care for the skin to be white, clean, and smooth

Lifestyle and Diet - Avoid smoking and drinking habits berakolhol, because it all can cause the skin to become dry and dull, is also cause aging of the skin quickly. Should start consuming foods that can make your skin healthy especially those containing vitamin D, vegetable and fruits have a high content of antioxidants can help keep the skin to remain healthy.

Washes - Use a soap that has a low pH and is also gentle to the skin, choose according to your needs, because every person has a different skin type, because if you use the wrong products will only add to the dryness of your skin and make you more uncomfortable . Use warm water in the bath to keep moisture in the skin and use the shower in the bath than with a soak.

Protect Skin - At the time of his will travel about to consider the weather and temperature in about, because the weather is hot or cold winds can make the skin becomes dry, tough, and scaly. During hot weather protect your skin from ultraviolet rays by using a moisturizer / sunblock that suits your skin or clothes that can protect the body from being exposed to direct sunlight, as if exposed to excessive sunlight it will make your skin become healthier. And when the cold weather was about his use of warm clothes to protect your skin, because the weather was too cold is not good for the skin.

It is also advisable to use a regular moisturizer / lotion appropriate for your skin so the skin moisture stay awake. And rested regularly to keep your skin healthy, fresh, and radiant, as skin rejuvenation occurs while we are sleeping. Consume water 7 to 8 glasses per day to keep your skin moisture and balance. Thus the above are tips on how to care for the skin to white , clean, and smooth that you can follow, may be useful and can be a useful information.

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