Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Take Care of Natural Hair

How to care for natural hair is an economical and practical choice, because you can do it yourself at home using natural ingredients are easy to come across on around us without having to go into care salons. Her treatment was way different, because every person must have a type and a different hair problems.

How to Take Care of Natural Hair

Hair Problems frequently encountered include hair loss, dandruff, oily, dull and well branched. To avoid all these problems, it is better if we do the natural way of hair care routine.

Here below are some ways to treat hair naturally

Eliminate Loss - a problem that is certainly very disturbing because it will make our hair gets thinner so it makes us very uncomfortable, but do not worry because there is a very easy natural way to avoid these problems. One of them is to use a watermelon skin, because as we all know that watermelon has a high mineral content, the way is to rub the scalp by using watermelon skin on the inside of her, do evenly on the scalp to scalp feels cold and then allow it to dries. Do it this way one day before shampooing, and do it once a week how to get maximum results.

Eliminate Dandruff - Dandruff will make us lose confidence, makes us very uncomfortable and feel the itch scalp. To eliminate this problem we can use the natural way of using ingredients just as sop leaves five pieces, five pieces of kale leaves, a teaspoon of salt, and a glass of clean water, the way is finely crushed leaves and leaf kale soup, then mix in salt and dissolved in water before, after everything is mixed in the solution filtered to produce a fluid that is not pulpy, then use the liquid to be smeared on the scalp like when we're shampooing, then rinse and wash then wash using shampoo.

Hair is the crown of all people both men and women, then we should always keep and care for her in order to have a beautiful crown that will boost your confidence. Thus the above is how to care for natural hair and simple traditional, may be a source of useful information for you all.

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