Monday, August 12, 2013

Management of Household Waste Management

Household Waste
Management of household waste management . Before it had a lot to discuss the problem of managing the household waste. But here, we will try to discuss the issue again. There are a few simple things in household waste management that you can apply at home, hopefully to facilitate pengeololaan your household waste.

  1. The first in the waste management , attach the plastic in the trash. Plastic should cover the whole lip so there are no trash cans garbage bins megenai falling apart itself. If the dirty trash, so does our work to clean up trash. The plastic used is also to be ensured not torn or leaking. The goal is the same as above.

  2. Management Household waste management next, if you use the bin is full, wrap and dispose directly. Do not wait until the garbage overflowing out of place, it can contaminate the floor and surrounding area. If you have not gotten around to taking out the trash, but the trash in the trash can containing wet, can be stored for a maximum of 1 day. Usually if more than 1 day, you will see a caterpillar that appears in the bin.

  3. Step Waste management the third. Make sure after rubbish dumped, directly replace your new plastic in the trash bins that can directly accommodate new ones. If slow or negligent replace plastic, it is feared there are less people in charge throw garbage into the trash can that not include plastic.

  4. Last
  5. in the management of household waste. When visible trash cans are too dirty, wash the trash. Is intended that the disease does not develop in the trash can. And also so as not to look dirty and disgusting in our eyes and others.

Net of trash, the house was so healthy. Welcome me management of household waste .

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