Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Safe House, from the Roof Leaking Comfortable in Rainy Season

Home Safe, Convenient from Leaking roofs in Rainy Season
Tips Around the House . How do we can do order of Home Safe and Comfortable in Rainy Season Leaking Roof , from rainwater seepage in the roof to other areas in the house?

Preparing Home Safe, Convenient of Roof Leaks in Rainy Season actually have to think about since the time of planning the establishment of a home or home renovation, the following tips around the house that can be applied to deal with the rainy season in your home.

1 . Well as residents, should pay attention to the roof and check the house to see if the tile and the roof needs repair and maintenance or not. This examination should be performed at least 2-3 months because when the hair cracks in the roof of the concrete and asbestos, although not directly cause leaks but kebecoran expected to occur after heavy rains 3-4 times after hairline cracks.

To overcome the leak on the roof of the concrete, asbestos, or shingles due to hairline cracks can be done with the wire gauze and waterproof, but for the greater part of the crack must be hollowed out and then re-plastered .

2. In addition to checking on the roof area, the ceiling on the house also need attention because cement plaster on the ceiling is very vulnerable to leaking, recommend that if there is damage to the ceiling should be fixed immediately because if the ceiling is left moist and occurs continuously, when the rainy season will happen more fatal damage on the ceiling collapsed like this, and in the event of collapse require extra repairs to cost more.

3. To reduce heat absorption, and reduce damage from rain water, aluminum foil with a size of 1-2 mm can be used as an alternative as a means of coating between the ceiling and roof tiles.

4. Note also the angle of roof tile to keep the ability to block rain water. On ceramic tile requires a tilt angle of about 30 degrees, while asbestos took about 15 degrees. if it is not considered properly rainwater winds could have gone through the roof gap.

5. To protect the roof terrace can be added to the tongue with a size of 1.2 meters or more, in addition to avoiding the rain in through the porch roof also protects the floor and paint the walls of the house of tampias rain and wind.

6. mounting bolts or nails on the roof and asbestos tile should also be considered for the installation of asbestos can not be done using common nails. This installation should Arbes using rubber-coated bolts where asbestos should be drilled first.

7. For homes in the tropics should use ceramic tile, which is more resistant to temperature changes is quite high in the tropics.

To Home Safe, Convenient of Roof Leaks in Rainy Season , you can adjust the tips above to the real conditions in your location to get more efficient with the funds that could be on tap.

Good luck tips about home , so Home Safe, Comfortable of Roof Leaks in Rainy Season .

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