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Stress and Acne

Stress and Acne is a trick Beauty Tips which I will share with readers. After the weekend ends and you look tired, anxious, and stressed about all the tests, including the dreaded chemistry exam. Have you ever seen that seems to stress the skin right along with that makes acne like pimples erupt?

Stress and Acne
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When we have acne and you get into a stressful situation, which looks like a pimple is really heating up. In other words, the emotional stress will trigger new cases of acne, but it can exacerbate problems in someone who already has a skin disorder.

Stress and acne, Is there a connection?

been from time immemorial, doctors have suspected that stress aggravate acne, but the evidence is largely anecdotal. In the last decade, though, studies have shown that this is probably on the right track.

In 2003, a Stanford University study published in the Archives of Dermatology found that students have a severe acne during exam , the period in which they reported more stress, compared with the period without testing. Researchers concluded severity of acne is associated with increased stress. But scientists do not know exactly how stress aggravate acne. They know that the cells that produce sebum have receptors for stress hormones. Sebum is the oily substance that mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria clog hair follicles, which causes acne.

When a person with acne experience a lot of stress, the body somehow produced more oil. This means that more oil is produced to clog hair follicles to allow more acne to form. The researchers hypothesize that the increase in acne may be due to higher levels of sebum produced during times of stress. However, they found that psychological stress is not a significant increase sebum production in the teens, acne may involve root causes other than stress.

When Stress Make Your Skin chaotic

Sometimes stress and acne can interact in a dangerous cycle. When some people anxious or upset, it may worsen their acne. Some people picking at their skin when they are stressed because they want acne on the skin quickly go away.

Treating Acne in this case

So what can be done to treat acne ? A person is not really able to use stress reduction as an acne treatment. For many people, acne is a chronic problem that does not just disappear after a week. This is often a problem that requires long-term treatment of acne, which can include benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, antibiotics applied to the skin, hormone therapy, and in more difficult cases, isotretinoin (Accutane). It could be that people with acne can also learn psychologist or learn biofeedback to reduce high levels of stress as a whole, of course, if they want and need to be applied.

That's all about relationships Stress and Acne

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