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5 High Fiber Food For Your Body

Hi, Friend, Health Tips. Maintain a healthy body to be one thing that should be done by everyone. There are so many ways that we can do to maintain the health of the body. One of them from the food we eat every day. The food should contain a variety of nutrients needed by your body. One of these foods that contain lots of fiber. So, what are the types of foods that have high fiber content to our bodies ...???

Friend, health tips. Fibrous foods have a very important function in our body. Some function of fiber is to keep the digestive system in order to stay healthy, can help you lose weight, you still can maintain ideal body, can prevent heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer as well. Our bodies should require sufficient fiber per day in the 25-40 grams per day. Type of fibrous foods is dominated by fruit and vegetables we. eat. Companions, health tips. Here are 7 high-fiber foods to your body:
  1. first fiber-rich foods is avocado. Apparently having an avocado is high in fiber to the fiber your body needs. In each half cut avocado fruit contains 6 grams of fiber. Hence, the avocado fruit is highly recommended for consumption to meet the needs of fiber that your body needs.
  2. Foods rich in fiber are both the nuts. In this case walnut and almond which is kind of nuts that have high fiber content also for the needs of fiber in your body. The next food that is rich in fiber are whole grain. Variety of grain-based foods such as wheat flour and whole wheat bread has high fiber content also for the needs of fiber your body needs per day. next fiber-rich foods are a variety of fruits that we consume regular daily to-day like bananas, oranges, apples and other fruits are types that have a high fiber content to the needs of fiber that your body needs. fifth Foods rich in fiber which is a variety of vegetables that we can get easily. Cauliflower, spinach, potatoes, and pumpkins are various types of vegetables that have high fiber content also for the needs of fiber that your body needs per day.
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