Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Repair Your Own Wallpaper

Tips Around the Home. Basically you can fix it yourself common problems that occur in such torn wallpaper and bergelmbung, you do not have to replace the entire wallpaper with the new .

Repairs are we doing here usually require more pieces of wallpaper with a pattern that matches the problematic part. Because it is better if you keep the excess portion wallpaper that you buy.

Steps repair the torn wallpaper.

1. Paste your wallpaper excess above the wallpaper is torn, place the second motif wallpaper coincide exactly.

2. Tap with your finger right on the torn part so that the basin showing the torn part, this is useful to ensure the parts that need to be cut.

3. using a sharp cutter which cut both coincide wallpaper rectangular basin slightly larger than that you are used to from step two.

4. now you have one section wallpapers replacement rectangular motif and the exact same size as the pieces of the torn wallpaper still on the wall.

5. Peel the wallpaper ripped from the wall by wetting them, then clean the wall of debris.

6. Once completely dry glue attach moderation on the part that will be patched.

7. paste the wallpaper replacement piece you have prepared, attach slowly and neat as possible.

remedial measures bubbly wallpaper.

1. Soak the wallpaper that bubbles using a damp cloth or sponge.

2. Make slices with a sharp cutter in section V-shaped bubbles or follow the pattern of the wallpaper adjusted to position parts bubbly.

3. Lift slice slowly and carefully.

4. then put glue on the wall sufficiently.

5. Glue the wallpaper back slowly until it is completely perfect.

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