Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 Tips to Overcome Depression Naturally

Hey guys, health tips. Each person must have a variety of problems in his life. So heavy and many problems in a person's face will cause the name of depression. Depression can also be caused by a few things such as divorce, death of loved ones, unemployment, severe disease and the impact of the use of drugs and narcotics. Easy Tips to Overcome Depression Naturally.

; Companions, health tips. according to the Institute of Mental Health in the United States (NIMH), depression has common signs or symptoms as follows:

  1. Sense Sad , anxious or empty continuous.
  2. Desperate taste and always pessimistic. Sense of worthlessness, guilt and a sense of helplessness. Loss of interest or pleasure or hobby or aktvitas previously in love. weak energy, fatigue, being sluggish. Difficulty concentrating, remembering and decide. Trouble sleeping or insomnia or oversleeping or hypersomnia. eating hard or voracious eating (being underweight or overweight). Not quiet and irritable. Frequent headaches or problems digestion as difficult defecation and others. Thinking of wanting to die or commit suicide. And sometimes feel heavy in the hand and feet
Friend, health tips. We experience true depression can be overcome with a simple and natural way. For this reason, health tips this time will present a tips to overcome the depression. Here are easy tips to overcome depression naturally:
  1. Try to walk in a beautiful place and can make your mind and soul to be quiet. Like seeing the sights of unspoiled nature such as mountains or places that you think you can calm down and reconcile your hearts.
  2. Try to do exercise in the morning activities. This exercise activity can eliminate depression you are experiencing or feeling and is also beneficial to your health as well.
    If your hobby is reading books. Try to take the hobby to read the book. Because reading books is also able to eliminate depression you have experienced so far. When hit by the name depression, laughter is one of the medications to relieve depression. You can see the entertainment in the form of TV comedy that can make you laugh out loud.
    Business, no less important to eliminate depression in yourself is by having a high courage to change for the better. So that you have experienced depression will gradually disappear by itself.
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  • Hopefully that addresses health tips easy tips to overcome depression naturally can be useful for all readers. Finally, a warm greeting from the author. (Source: majalahkesehatan, independent).
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