Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Save Electricity

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Tips Around the House . Increase in fuel and electricity tariffs force us to be more efficient use of electricity in our homes. Besides saving spending power saving efforts strong also shape our participation in environmental conservation and effective way to save electricity energi.Tips your home, saving electricity for environmental preservation and energy

Here's how to save electricity how strong that we can directly apply at home:

1. Use energy-saving lamps, energy-saving fluorescent lamps also provide better lighting than incandescent bulbs.

2. Prioritizing choose electrical appliances with energy-efficient facility when buying new electronic equipment.

3. Use your electrical appliances wisely, use as needed, turn off when not in use and unplug the cord when not being used for a long time.

4. If you use a water pump, use a water tank and water pump for live schedule. Use water sparingly.

5. Create good air circulation system in your rumaha, and planting vegetation around the house. This will push the air temperature so you do not need to use the AC.

6. if you use the air conditioner, set the temperature of your air conditioner as needed. Air temperatures are cooler requires more electrical energy. clean the air conditioner on a regular basis.

7. Make a good lighting system in your home so you do not need to turn on the lights during the day.

8. Create a schedule to wash in a week, and use the washing machine according to the capacity, not too much or too little. gaunakan dryer only when absolutely necessary.

9. Create a schedule ironed once a week, because the process of heating the iron require substantial electrical power.

10. Clean the refrigerator regularly to keep refrigerator optimal performance. Fill in moderation, do not open the lid too often and tightly closed.

11. Note the electric meter and immediately evaluate if there was a surge of use.

12. Rawat electrical installation in your home and use of electronic tools that fit.

13. Choose using a laptop than a desktop, or if you have to use a desktop lcd screen use. lcd screen laptop and more energy-efficient strong .

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