Monday, August 12, 2013

Tips whiten the face naturally

Tips naturally whiten face usually are always sought after by women of all ages, because it has a pretty face, white, and smooth is a dream and a dream for every woman. Various methods will be carried out to obtain maximum results and also healthy of course. May actually not difficult to get skin white, smooth, and healthy, because it all depends on how our own doing the treatment.

 Tips naturally whiten face

Most women in the modern era like today might prefer the salon treatment because his place is easy to find and also his way of instant belonging, or using cosmetics for facial bleach, etc..

But actually there is also the face naturally whiten tips for those who want to do their own maintenance, and of course it's so economical it is also able to avoid the various side effects of chemical substances contained in the cosmetic beauty that can damage and harm to the facial skin.

The following are tips that naturally whiten face his ingredients can be very easily obtained

Bengkoang - With how smooth yam and use her as masks and scrubs for the face, as in the vitamin C content of yam there that can help regenerate collagen for skin cell growth and also to blood vessels, which can make the skin moist and looking lebh always white, clean , healthy, and strong.

Milk - Use fresh milk and add the almonds that have been in the puree, combine the two and apply on skin and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Then rinse and wash your face with cold water.

Avocado - avocados store nutrients that are very good for the skin, because in him there are vitamin A and C, minerals, and oil content of unsaturated can moisturize the skin. Puree avocado and apply on face as a mask and let stand approximately ten minutes, then rinse and wash your face using warm water.

Perform all regularly coupled with consuming enough water will help the process of bleaching facial . Hopefully natural facial whitening tips i above can bermanfat for you all.

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