Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here's Benefit Blue Color For Your Health

Blue is a word that describes a color that can be caught by the sense of sight. Maybe you've never imagined before, that a particular color blue has a tremendous impact to the health of the body. Did you know that the color red symbolizes courage, pink symbolizes love, the green symbolizes fertility and blue symbolizes peace or tranquility. Because it symbolizes peace or tranquility, the blue color turns out to have health benefits for you. Then, how blue can improve one's health ....????

Companions, health tips. When one's eyes see the blue sky, it will display the tranquility and peace of mind. This is because, when the clean blue sky color indicates that the weather in the area is very good to do any activities. Based on a study conducted by the University of Sussex that blue can increase happiness. This is because, the brain waves of someone who saw the blue color indicates an increased sense of happiness is significan that will impact the health of an increase in body seseorang.Berdasarkan results of the study, so we can improve the body's own health began to like all blue colored objects. Here is the application of blue color in your life:
  1. Install miscellaneous pictures on the walls of your room with the majority of blue in it as pictures are colored blue sky landscape or sea water is colored bright blue.
  2. Choose the color blue in your bedroom. You can start with the blue colored pillows, bed linen which is colored blue or blue colored bolsters that anyway. Begin to apply the blue color on the walls of your home. In this case, use the majority of blue color on most of the walls of your home. Start by applying the color blue in your dining room such as cups, plates, tables, spoons and forks which are colored blue. blue Fill in your bathroom such as bathroom floor blue colored, blue colored towels and soap are also colored blue. Is your favorite color of clothes ....???. From now on, switch to like the color blue on the various types of clothing that you wear for everyday activities. Take your time to look at the blue sky when the weather conditions like the weather in the morning or traveled to a place feast for the eyes to look at a bright blue sky.
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